Dahl Eye Shower 200 ml.

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It is extremely important to be able to start flushing quickly when you have got a harmful substance in your eye. At least 15 minutes of flushing time is the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s recommendation. Dahl Medical’s Eye Shower is designed to quickly and safely begin a sterile and effective flushing of the eye.

The design of the eye shower means that it is ready to use in an instant. The nozzle is specially designed to give the eye an optimal flush and quickly ensure that foreign matter is removed.

The suffering of a lifelong eye injury cannot be described. Therefore, it is important to take measures quickly to minimize the risk of injury. Having quick access to long and effective eye rinsing can be crucial for how serious a possible eye injury becomes.

Dahl Medical’s Eye Shower is the Market’s only clinically tested, tested with very good results at St. Erik’s Eye Hospital, Mälar Hospital and Ryhov County Hospital.