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Professionals in cleaning chemistry

For over 40 years has Trion Tensid developed and manufactured performance chemicals within graffiti removal, shadow removal, graffiti protection, facade cleaning and general cleaning. Product development and production is based in our own premises, with our own R&D and production technicians.

​Trion Tensid is the European market leader when it comes to graffiti removers and graffiti protection. We also offer the market quality products within facade, roof and industrial cleaning as well as paint removers, facade impregnation and products for odour control.Alongside just-in-time deliveries, personal customer service and our well known training in graffiti removal and facade cleaning is Trion Tensid your natural choice of supplier.

​We do everything in our power to assist our customers in their projects and we are often able to customise our products to ensure the best possible product for the specific purpose.

​When choosing Trion Tensid as your supplier, you can feel confident that you will get the best product you can buy on the market – but not only that, you will also get high end service and support with fast deliveries which are the basis for you to be able to do the best job possible.

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