BPS - Impregnation

Concrete & Facade impregnation is applied to protect concrete and facade surfaces against moisture and salt penetration.

Trion Tensid’s hydrophobic impregnation provides protection against dirt, resulting in a cleaner facade over a longer period of time.

Facades exposed to moisture or concrete structures in environments exposed to a lot of moisture and salt build-up have an extended lifespan and age significantly more slowly when they have been impregnated.

The risk of frost blast or corrosion due to salt penetration is also reduced when the construction is impregnated.

In the long run, Trion Tensid’s impregnation agent creates a cleaner and drier facade, which significantly lowers heating and energy costs for a property.

An impregnation treatment is, in other words, a profitable investment.

Trion Tensid offers environmentally adapted and infrastructure-approved concrete & facade impregnations.

With us, you will find products adapted for both new production and renovation.

If you are not sure which product you should use, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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