AGS 25

AGS 25 is a readily biodegradable product used for removal of rust protective sealers.

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AGS 25 is a readily biodegradable product used for removal of rust protective sealers. AGS 25 may be used on most surfaces: hard non porous surfaces, such as polished stone surfaces, plastic, metal, or porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, granite, plaster etc. For use on exterior and interior surfaces. On porous surfaces: Use AGS 25 in combination with AGS 27 GEL. Readily biodegradable.

Application instructions

Hard non porous surfaces:
When graffiti is spread over an extensive area, use a cloth with AGS 25. Neutralise with water.

Porous surfaces:
Apply AGS 25 with low-pressure spray, then apply AGS 27 GEL with a brush. Let dwell for 30 minutes – 5 hours, depending on weather conditions. Jet off with high-pressure hot water (70-90°C, approx. 150 bar, nozzle angle 15-25°, 20 litres/ min.). If required repeat the process. Note! When cold weather, all graffiti removers need more time to dissolve the graffiti. Likewise, more time is required for thick layers and when substrate is porous.

Use as concentrate.

0,5- 1,0 litre/m².

Store frost-free in closed original container.

Shelf life
Approximately 24 months in unopened container.

Use normal protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses.

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Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Granite – untreated, Limestone, Marble – untreated, Plaster, Sandstone, Terrazzo, Wood – painted, Wood – untreated