AGS 3515

AGS 3515 is a water-carried all-weather temporary graffiti protection, formulated for most types of absorbing surfaces.

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AGS 3515 is a water-carried all-weather temporary graffiti protection, formulated for most types of absorbing surfaces. AGS 3515 is designed to be used as a 1 layer protection. Provides good protection against spray paint, marker/felt-tip pens and mechanical damage. Protects against airborne pollution and moisture. Low melting point (60°C) contributes to easy wash off. Permeable and allows protected surface to breathe. Easily biodegradable. A so called sacrificial coating, which means that surface must be re-protected, following graffiti removal. AGS 3515 is suitable on surfaces that are frequently vandalized with graffiti, for example pedestrian tunnels. On such surfaces, 1 thick layer is often enough. In these occasions, AGS 3515 works as a temporary protection with 1-2 years of durability.
Note! When applying AGS 3515, a white ”milky” appearance is obtained. which after drying becomes transparent.

Application instructions

Clean off both graffiti and other contamination, such as traffic dirt, wax, oil and paint-residue etc. from substrate. Mask and protect windows in a suitable manner. Ideal temperature for external application should be between 10-35°C. Minimum temperature is +5°C. Relative humidity must not exceed 95%.
Note! Fresh concrete has to cure for at least 28 days before protection. Painted surfaces to be protected are allowed to cure for 1-4 weeks depending on colour type.

Shake or stir product well prior to use. AGS 3515 may be applied with an airless spray gun or a roller. The protection is applied in 1 layer until saturation. AGS 3515 can be applied to a damp, but not wet, surface. Runs and/or excessive application can easily be washed off with water, following completion of work.

Exterior graffiti removal
Remove graffiti with hot water and high-pressure (60-90°C & 90-150 bar/ 1300-2175 PSI), or adjust temperature and pressure to the surface. Re-protect cleaned area with 1 layer until saturation.

Use in concentrated form.

Varies depending upon type of surface material. Its porosity and capillary ability etc.


  • Concrete, brick or similar approx. 0,2 ltr/m².
  • Sandstone, plaster or other soft absorbent surfaces approx. 0,3 ltr/m².

Depending on the weather, the drying time for AGS 3515 is approx. 4 hours. Note! This is a guideline and may vary from surface to surface.

Appearance on the surface
Whitish appearance when wet, transparent more or less invisible when dry. Some surfaces may obtain enhanced gloss and darker shade.

Store frost-free in closed original container.

Shelf life
Approximately 12 months in unopened container.

Use protective clothing and gloves.

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