AGS 221 LIQUID is an effective graffiti and paint remover for hard, non pourous surfaces.

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AGS 221 LIQUID is a graffiti and paint remover. For use on exterior and interior surfaces. AGS 221 LIQUID is used mainly on: road signs, smooth factory made/painted surfaces and other delicate surfaces. Can also be used on porous substrates. AGS 221 LIQUID is readily biodegradable.

Note! AGS 221 LIQUID must not be used on plexiglas. Use AGS 560 instead.

Application instructions

Road signs
If the graffiti is fresh (not more than 3-5 days) and does not require long working time, apply AGS 221 LIQUID directly on surface and wipe off the graffiti. Rinse with water or mild alkaline cleaner. If the graffiti is old, which requires long working time, always first apply a mild alkaline cleaner before AGS 221 LIQUID is applied. Wipe off the graffiti and rinse with water or a mild alkaline cleaner.

Painted surfaces
Pour AGS 221 LIQUID on a clean nylon cloth or rag. Wipe off graffiti. Turning cloth so clean part is always used. Avoid smears of dissolved graffiti and wipe off any residue with AGS 221 LIQUID, and then rinse cleaned area with water or a mild alkaline cleaner.

Use as concentrate.

0,3 – 1,0 litre/m².

Store at room temperature in original closed container.

Shelf life
Approximately 24 months in unopened container.

Gloves. Safety glasses in case of splashes.

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Glass, Industrial painted surfaces, Painted surfaces – trains, buses, trucks, cars, Rubber, Surface protected surfaces, Wood – painted, Wood – untreated