AGS HAWK WIPES contains a highly efficient graffiti remover absorbed into paper clothes.

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AGS HAWK WIPES contains a highly efficient graffiti remover absorbed into paper clothes. Efficiently removes spray paint and marker-/felt tip pen graffiti. AGS HAWK WIPES can be used on industrial painted and delicate surfaces. NOTE! Do not use AGS HAWK WIPES on Plexiglas. Use AGS PLEXI WIPES or AGS 560 instead. For use on exterior and interior surfaces. The solvent in the wipes is readily biodegradable and safe to use.

Application instructions

Tear off a piece of paper cloth and wipe off the graffiti. In case of lot of graffiti: Try always to use clean side of the cloth to avoid smearing. After graffiti removal, rinse with water.
NB! AGS HAWK WIPES may be used on most surfaces, but to be sure that the surface will not damage, do a test on a small area.

Store frost-free in closed original container.

Shelf life
Approximately 24 months in unopened container.

Use protective gloves. Use protective goggles when there is a risk of eye contact.


Harmful if swallowed. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation.

Not classified as dangerous goods according to ADR.
For more information, see MSDS.

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Aluminum – untreated, Glass, Granite – polished, Marble – polished, Metal surfaces, Plate, Surface protected surfaces, Wood – untreated