AGS 3550

AGS 3550 is an outstanding 1-pack permanent graffiti protective coating. Contains of a polysilazane/nitrogen compound which gives a very hard bonding to the surface.

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AGS 3550 is an outstanding 1-pack permanent protective coating. Contains of a polysilazane/nitrogen compound which gives a very hard bonding to the surface. Stops permanent markers and spray paint graffiti from penetrating the surface. AGS 3550 also withstands most of the leather dye graffiti in the market. AGS 3550 gives matt and dull surfaces a fresh and shiny lustre. AGS 3550 has an excellent durability and high UV resistance. Oxidation and corrosion resistance. High and low temperature resistance.
AGS 3550 may be applied on most hard surfaces such as painted metal, (buses, trains, ticket machines, mail boxes), aluminium, galvanised steel and most plastics and Perspex. If uncertainty of adhesion, make a small test with a strong tape and rip off.

Note! AGS 3550 shall NOT be applied on exterior porous surfaces.

Application instructions

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, wax, oil, grease etc. Surfaces that shall not be treated must be covered.

NB! It is very important that the surface is absolutely dry when applying the product.

Apply AGS 3550 with a squeegee, microfibre or use a clean cloth when protecting a small area. Apply in 1 very thin layer. Matt and absorbent surfaces require a thicker layer. Dust dry after approx. 2 hours. To full resistance against graffiti, 7 days of curing is necessary, but resists graffiti after 24 hours. When applying AGS 3550, the surface temperature has to be between +5 – +30°C, and the humidity below 80%. Do not apply in direct sunlight. If AGS 3550 is applied on a painted surface, be sure that the paint has cured, 1-4 weeks depending on paint quality.
NB! Possible risk for cracking if too thick layer has been applied.

Graffiti removal on AGS 3550: Use a mild remover as AGS 560 or AGS 221 LIQUID to clean graffiti. Use a clean cloth or use high pressure washer, approx. 50-100 bars, 50-60°C. When using cloth, always neutralise with water or a mild alkaline cleaner. AGS 5 SR can be used as a complement when dealing with difficult graffiti.

Use as concentrate.

On hard, shiny surfaces: 1 litre of AGS 3550 to approximately 60-80 m². On hard, matt and more absorbent surface: 1 litre of AGS 3550 to approximately 40-50 m².

Store frost-free in original closed container. Container may periodically be opened in order to avoid build- up pressure generated by ammonia. NB! The material can slowly hydrolyse in presence of water to form hydrogen and condensed siloxane pressure built up.

Shelf life
Approximately 12 months in un opened container.

Protective clothing gloves and goggles. Use breathing mask in poorly ventilated areas.



Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Dangerous goods according to ADR.
UN 2924, FLAMMABLE LIQUID, CORROSIVE, N.O.S. ( Butyl acetate, Toluene, Cyclosilazanes ).
Class: 3 PG: II
For more information, see MSDS.

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Aluminum – anodized, Aluminum – untreated, Glass, Granite – polished, Hard plastic, Industrial painted surfaces, Marble – polished, Metal surfaces, Painted surfaces – trains, buses, trucks, cars, Plate, Plexiglass